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Life Like Science About Us

The name itself Life Like Science tells for what purpose is this page.

Countless questions, secrets, mysteries, unresolved things, energies that feel. Things which our eyes can’t see, our ears can’t listen, our brain does not recognize. The connection of body, reason and  soul. Visible and invisible, tangible and intangible, levels of consciousness and being. Secret societies, secret signs and old entries, powerful structures, common to different gods – Evolution!

Love of the universe, the wisdom of the universe, eternity of the universe, the infinity of the universe.

In order to improve the sharing of useful information from now Life Like Science will be in cooperation with new partners. They are Healthy Food Benefit which are one of the leading websites for sharing useful and positive information about your health, diet and lifestyle and Cars Madness everything about cars, a website with an informative purpose for all lovers of all types of cars (with many videos).
Thank you for being our fans and we have your support!

The path of your life is your choice!

Welcome to Life Like Science !